Security Forum Award for authUSB

LThe Badajoz School of Industrial Engineering and Authcomm, winners of the VI Security Forum Awards

The 2018 Security Forum Awards have got winners. The jury has ruled in the sixth call for the awards, which aim to promote and enhance research, development and innovation in the security industry in Spain.

In the Security Forum R + D + i Award category, the winner was the Badajoz School of Industrial Engineering and the Tedax-NRBQ of the Badajoz National Police Force.  Title of the project: “Artificial olfactory systems for the detection of dangerous environments”.

CAs a finalist, the jury has chosen the work of the Complutense University of Madrid, called “VeriPol, a tool for the detection of false reports”

The Security Forum Award for the Best Security Project carried out in Spain went to Authcomm and its work AuthUSB.

The finalist project is M-Key Secure, presented by Alai Secure.

The winners will have the opportunity to make a presentation of their project during the 2018 Security Forum.