Safe door

Safe Door* is a complete solution (Hw with embedded Sw) that allows organisations to handle any threats derived from the use of USB storage devices.

Both compact and lightweight, it can be used in fixed locations (Offices, CPDs, access controls …) and for mobile users.

Mainly oriented to business and industrial structures, critical infrastructures and public administration; Customers who need to connect USB storage devices within their organisations, whether they are third-party or their own, to their equipment, thus exposing corporate networks to the three types of attacks (Hw, Sw and Electric) that can be carried out through USB memory sticks and that can result in significant financial loss or information leakage.

It enables the continuous monitoring of the USB memory that is being analysed and a download of files, once verified.

Information monitoring and auditing is done through the central console. All Safe Door devices in the organisation are monitored in real time, enabling the identification of patterns and targeted attacks.

authUSB has been developed in response to the need for organisations to protect their assets and business processes, providing a reliable, simple and fast deployment tool.

*under patent registration