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From the 1st to the 3rd. of March authUSB will be attending Cybertechglobal As you may know, from tomorrow will be held in Tel-Aviv one of the most important events in the #cybersecurity sector, the Cybertech Global Fair. From the 1st to the 3rd of March, Mati Schvartz, founder of our Partner TÄCHLES Technologies Info, will be attending the event on behalf of authUSB SL.He will explain to you our authUsb Safe Door solution and its innovation compared to others in the market. Do not hesitate to contact him on his Linkedin profile, from there you can schedule a meeting within the Event itself.We are waiting for you all!#Cybersecurity#otcybersecurity#cybertechglobaltelaviv#securitysolution#innovation

authUSB SL Cybersecurity Ventures award from INCIBE.

On 10/24 and in the incomparable setting of 13Enise, authUSB SL emerged as one of the winners of the INCIBE Cybersecurity Ventures international acceleration programme. Here is the link to an interview that we participated in on this occasion in El Diario de León

Killer USB disasters and how SafeDoor protects us.

Thanks to @carlos rodriguez and @aitiare, we have performed a test of what happens to a computer when it comes into contact directly, through the USB port, with a Killer… nothing good of course. When you use our Safe Door device, this concept changes radically and your computers are fully protected from this electrical threat. Inside Video!!!

The “dangers” of La Resistencia’s pendrives.

Today over breakfast we heard the news that the TV programme “La Resistencia” had hidden some Pendrives in Madrid, Barcelona and Vigo that contain 10 tickets to attend the programme. It is not that we do not want people to attend David Broncano’s famous programme, nothing would be further from our intention, but… by distributing the tickets on pendrives that they leave loose in different cities… they have really made it very easy for us to talk about what can happen if you plug an unknown USB device into your computer. Through a simple data storage device, they can attack you on three levels: Hardware You connect the USB device and, without realising it, neither at the time, nor later, even in years, a Payload has been downloaded into the firmware of your computer… Fantastic! Software You have heard many times about Malware, viruses… that spread through malicious emails… Surprise!…