About us

Cyberattacks that target industrial chains, public administration and critical and essential sectors involve special features that cannot be covered by solutions typical of IT environments.

Attacks in these environments are targeted and take place within OT networks (unconnected networks). In most cases they are undetectable and persist over time, resulting in high economic losses, industrial espionage and theft of personal data, etc. In addition, in the case of critical sectors, confidentiality, the physical integrity of the environment and availability, etc. can be jeopardised. This is a problem involving exponential growth year after year.

Another problem that isolated networks face with the constant pressure to digitise all environments is the convergence of isolated network environments and connected networks, exposing OT networks to a greater area of attack and threats which they are not familiar with. OT / IT convergence.

authUSB, SL is a 100% Spanish company whose objective is the development of innovative solutions in the field of cybersecurity, for wide areas of application, always taking into account the needs not yet covered by the market, making a commitment to innovative and reliable technology that helps our customers protect their devices, equipment and networks.

authUSB SL was recognised in 2018 with the Award for the best cybersecurity product in Spain by the Security Forum, awarded for the development of our SafeDoor device.

In 2019 we received the Cybersecurity Ventures award from INCIBE, as one of the three best cybersecurity companies in Spain.

The journey of our company is based on a vision shared by our entire team, to make it grow with solid foundations and based on the design of our solutions with the premise of security by design. (Security by Design)

Based on this vision, one of the first goals we set for ourselves as a company was to obtain one of the highest security certifications for our SafeDoor solution and for the SafeDoor Console.

We have managed to make SafeDoor become part of the prestigious and exclusive CPSTIC catalogue of the CCN and we have obtained a HIGH classification for compliance in public administrations of the ENS (National Security Scheme)

Trusting authUSB SL means trusting certified and verified solutions.